You're Ready to Finally Master your Knitting Machine 

(if only you could figure out what to do first)

Does this sound familiar?

"I'm brand new and don't know where to start"

"I've been knitting for a while and want to learn more"

"I love my machine(s) but.... I need some inspiration" 

You've set up your machine and maybe even knit a little ~ You've watched a bunch of videos. But you are frustrated and haven't knit anything useful.

You've had a few successes with your machine, maybe a blanket, hat or scarf or two. But you are ready to knit those beautiful sweaters you see on the hand knitting sites.

Maybe you are returning to machine knitting after a break. Your skills may be rusty. You are ready to make those beautiful sweaters you've dreamed of wearing.

"I feel like I'm all alone ... I don't know anyone who machine knits"

I'm Sue Jalowiec and I know what it's like to feel that you are the only person in the world that has a knitting machine.

Learning to use your machine isn't hard. Like anything else, it takes a little focused practice. It's easy to get lost watching a million online videos and lose sight of your goals.

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Knit for your yourself or your family
  • Quickly knit up your ever-growing yarn stash
  • Knit for profit
  • Knit for charity  

Join thousands of machine knitters worldwide who are having fun with their knitting machines. 

Learning to machine knit and master your machine is a journey ... and I have great news for you - you can do this!

You are not alone Other knitters in the worldwide Knit it Now community have been where you are on your journey and are willing to share their experiences

Watching videos is just PART of your journey Sitting down and practicing, challenging yourself to try new techniques and knitting projects that fit your skill level are essential

Success is right around the corner No matter what machine you use, the secret is UNDERSTANDING the buttons, levers and techniques  

No Math You have choices in creating your knitting patterns - with or without doing any math  

Knit it Now was created to help knitters have fun with their machines. Why be frustrated and discouraged? When you get access to all the resouces we offer, you'll gain confidence with your machine PLUS you'll have ongoing support, guidance and encouragement. You'll make BIG progress - even if you have limited time

Welcome to Knit it Now

Tap into over 10 years of machine knitting wisdom, so you can enjoy success with your machine

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"Your site is well worth the annual subscription, it keeps getting better and better." ~Susan G

"I am so impressed by the effort you put into this website There is always something new I love the the knit-alongs. But the thing I am most excited about is the quick response to any questions I have . Keep up the great work" ~ Michelle

"Love your site! I learn new things every time I log in." ~ Lynn


KNIT IT NOW Subscription Includes: The moment you become a member, you get access to all the current content inside Knit it Now. Here's what's waiting for you: 

  • Learning Library: 500+ Video Tutorials
  • Classrooms: Topic specific deep dive instruction, patterns and practice
  • 260+ Dynamic Patterns: Use ANY yarn, ANY machine, ANY stitch pattern
  • Monthly Knit-alongs
  • Premium Charting Tools
  • Private Knit Club Forum
  • Finish-in-a-Weekend Projects 


Here's what you can look forward to every month:


Join us for monthly knit-alongs, where we knit a project as a group.  

Using a LIVE platform with both audio and video, fellow knitters can share their successes and challenges.  

Work at your own pace, everything is recorded and ready when you are.

Monthly training videos

A growing library of tutorials on a variety of subjects

Our quality videos are focused and to-the-point. They often relate to the current knit-along. The topics are geared to what knitters are requesting.

You'll get AT LEAST 1 new tutorial a month (in 2019 we added more than 70 tutorials)

LIVE monthly Knit Club meetings

Monthly online group meetings with me, Sue Jalowiec.

I'll be there once a month for a discussion of a specific topic of interest to all machine knitters. All sessions are recorded so you can watch (and-rewatch) them whenever you want.

Dynamic Patterns

Knitting patterns written just for machine knitters.Our exclusive Dyanmic Patterns allow you to:  

- Use ANY yarn - Use ANY machine - Use ANY stitch pattern  

No more matching gauge. No software to install, learn or maintain. Just get knitting!

Private Forum (not Facebook)

24/7 access to the Knit it Now Subscriber-only Forum.

You’ll get full access to a safe, confidential, and supportive space. It’s a judgement-free zone with generous machine knitters.

Fresh, new content is added to Knit it Now regularly, so there is always something new to inspire your knitting and you'll have the support to put it to use for your projects.

Annual Subscription 3 Payments of $45 

  •  Knit-Ables
  •  Learning Library
  •  Classrooms
  •  Dynamic Patterns
  • Monthly Knit-alongs 
  • Premium Charting Tools
  • Private Knit Club Forum
  • Finish-in-a-Weekend Projects 
  • Access to the Glossary
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  •  Knit-Ables
  •  Learning Library
  •  Classrooms
  •  Dynamic Patterns
  • Monthly Knit-alongs 
  • Premium Charting Tools
  • Private Knit Club Forum
  • Finish-in-a-Weekend Projects
  • Access to the Glossary

Learn with Sue

I'm Sue Jalowiec and I've been knitting for more than 20 years and helping knitters master their machines for more than 10 years.

 Combining my knitting experience with my technology background has allowed us to create a unique learning environment for knitters.

Here's what's important for you:

  • With the help of Knit it Now you will build confidence you need to express your creativity by using your knitting machine. 
  • You will have tools and resources at your fingertips .. all in one place without the distraction (and frustration) of surfing the web. 
  • You will stay focused so you can reach your goals faster. 

Dust off that machine and get let's get knitting!