Add some fun flowers

Knitted flowers can add just the right touch to your garments. These flowers are fast, easy and look great!
Use them to decorate hats and headwarmers. Jazz up a plain sweater or use them as shawl pins ... the sky is the limit!


  • Try variegated or self striping yarns.
  • Mix 'n Match yarns and colors
  • Add Beads to the cast on Edge
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More Flower Inspiration

Learn Knit Flowers E-Book

Knit flowers on the knitting machine! Learn to knit creative floral applique. This inspirational book includes directions, many, many samples and sketchbook ideas.
  • Teardrop petal shape
  • Circular floral
  • Long and short petal
  • Leaf and stalk shapes
  • Applique techniques
  • Simple embroidery detail
  • Floral Hem technique
  • Crazy floral patchwork
  • 3d floral
  • Rouleaux flower
Peek into the creative world of Knit-1! Learn to add these beautiful embellishments to your knitting!
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