A canvas for your creativity

For a fast, fun and useful project, use our basic mitten pattern and make it your own! Leave off the tops and knit fingerless mittens.

So many possibilities for your creativity! This is a great use of small amounts of yarn ... consider mix 'n match!

The Pattern

Mitten Magic
Mittens knit flat with gored thumb. Ribbed cuff and top of hand shaped with short rows. 8 sizes ... from babies to adults!

Mitten Magic

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Tips for Knitting the Cuff

No ribber? Don't hand knit? No Problem!
Working a small cuff, hand re-forming stitches isn't too bad or try Mock (False) Ribbing.

Basic Ribbing without a Ribber

Mock Ribbing

Mock Ribbing How To

Mock Ribbing Variations


Construction Tips

This clever gore thumb makes for great fit and comfort, plus imagine the design possibilities!

Gorgeous Gored Mittens

Mitten Gore Thumb



It's the finishing touches that make the difference between 'home made' and 'hand made'

Easy Ribber Bind Off

Seaming Ribbing - Plan Ahead!

Seaming Mock Ribbing

Patch Pockets


Love Gloves from Knit-1

Looking for a new challenge?
Love Gloves guides you step by step through making gloves on the domestic single bed machine. It is a beautifully put together pattern and a unique product - a pattern for a glove is definitely not something you come across every day!

Included is the pattern and detailed photos on how to knit the gloves but we've also included a section on design variations with punch card patterns to give you ideas on how to customize your gloves.

Knit-1 makes knitting gloves on the flatbed knitting machine easy! Included is the pattern with clear, detailed step-by-step instructions and high quality images.

Pattern is written for an adult size at a gauge of 32sts/44rows.

  • Change shapes: - fingerless, and double length cuff
  • Add Jacquard (pattern design included)
  • Stripes
  • Fairisle (pattern design included)
11 page pattern download to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Can you set your machine to hold?
  • Are you familiar with the terms "free pass" and "bridging"?
  • You can knit gloves!

Unlimited Possibilities!