Minimal finishing makes this a fast, fun project

Fun, easy knitting with a graphic appeal. Great beginner blanket with unusual construction that isn't hard. The finished blanket is square. Want a rectangle? Knit two.

Ready to tackle more than a swatch or a plain rectangle? Practice picking up stitches and neatly seaming a small seam.

The yarn and the angles make this design special.

Watch as we knit ours

This blanket is so easy, even a complete newbie can have success! If you can cast on, bind off and knit, you can knit this!
Plus learn a few tricks along the way

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Right Angles Blanket
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Not enough needles? Adjust the width.

Right Angles Blanket

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Tutorials - Skills you Should Know

Sew As You Go

Sew-as-you-go Tricks

Seaming Stitches to Rows

I-Cord Trims


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