Color Block Cable Pillow

This pattern adds both color and texture to a pillow cover.
Knit both colors at the same time, blending with a basic cable between.
This is a good introduction to Intarsia (knitting blocks of color on one row) plus cable practice.

Sample and pattern knit were with worsted yarn 4.5 sts / 6 rows per inch. Use a mid-gauge or bulky machine and match our gauge.

~~~ or ~~~

Use the Knit it now Rectangle/Square tool and make it your own!

Watch as we knit our pillow

Knit both colors at the same time, add some cables and WOW!

Cables and intarsia! Great practice for mastering your machine.


Create your own pattern based on your swatch and pillow size

Rectangle / Square

Rectangle / Square

Enter your stitch/row gauge and your dimensions to create simple scarves, shawls and blankets.

Yarn Estimator

Yarn Estimator

Determine if you have enough yarn to finish your project. A swatch, a scale and a few measurements and you'll never worry about running out of yarn!
Create your own pattern with the Knit it Now Tools
  • Make it any size you want
  • Calculate how much yarn you'll need

Skills to know

Brush up on the skills you'll need to knit this pillow cover or use this technique in your next project.

TIP: Bridging is used to create larger cables. Knitting the cable stitches separately gives more "fabric" for crossing the stitches.

Create Cables on the Machine

Free Pass (Position the carriage)

Intarsia Carriage

Hybrid Intarsia - Method 1

Hybrid Intarsia - Method 2

Bridging Challenge aka Free Pass



Free to Join!
This printable PDF pattern walks you through the steps for planning and knitting this colorblock pillow cover.

Combine the instruction in this PDF with the Knit it Now Rectangle/Square Tool to use your gauge and dimensions.

Make it your own!
  • Position the cable(s) where you like
  • Create a diagonal design
  • Add embellishments

LOVE Cables?

Printed Book

Learn Contemporary Cables

Immediate Download

We LOVE this yarn! You will too!

Machine washable Merino wool.
Large color range and beautiful finish. Showcases stitch definition - perfect for cables and textured stitch patterns

Merino is the softest wool, gentle on the skin, warm without overheating and easy knitting!

Tension 2
29 sts / 40 rows = 4"
Tension 8
30 sts / 38 rows = 4"

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