Knitted ties are classic!

If you have some experience with your ribber, making them on the knitting machine can be a fun, quick project.

A nice tubular cast on, a simple ribber stitch pattern (we used tuck rib), a bit of Kitchener grafting and voila.... you have an instant gift, craft fair or boutique item.

Watch as we knit ours

Put your ribber to work for a man's tie. No rolled edges and great great texture.

Because of the bulk, this is best knit on a fine gauge or standard gauge machine.

Armed with any fine yarn, a swatch and the Knit it Now Rectangle/Square tool, you can knit this!

Create your own pattern

Rectangle / Square

Rectangle / Square

Enter your stitch/row gauge and your dimensions to create simple scarves, shawls and blankets.
Why guess?

Use your swatch and determine YOUR stitch and row counts for the perfect size and length for your tie

The "standard" length for a man's tie is 56-58" long.
More info at the Long Tie Store Blog

Ribber Techniques

We used a tuck rib (English Rib), but the sky's the limit ... make it your own!

Swatching on the Double Bed

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An Alternative Stitch Choice

Consider Flat Rib as an alternative to the bulk of other Full Needle Rib techniques

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Beautiful Beginning and Ending

Full Needle Rib Cast On Techniques

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Full Needle Rib Band with Self Edge